As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more savvy with my grocery shopping habits. Meandering through the aisles and picking up whatever looks delicious can be a dangerous and expensive habit (guilty!). In an effort to save time and not end up wasting what I’ve bought, I come up with a game plan ahead of time. I try to plan out most of my meals but usually end up improvising a bit. I’ve found that it’s really helpful for me if I gather a few recipes that all call for similar ingredients but use them in a totally different way for a little variety. Here’s four dishes I’ve made lately that have overlapping ingredients.


1. Roasted Chicken – I love making roasted chicken. I usually just stuff the cavity with lemons and onion and rub butter and salt on the skin. Here’s a helpful, funny video on how to truss the chicken, compliments of our friend Andy. Roasting a chicken is fairly easy but does take a little while to cook. Make one or two on a weekend when you have a bit more time then use the leftover chicken in different recipes throughout the week. Serve with roasted carrots and brussels sprouts.

2. Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole – I used some of the leftover roasted chicken for this but you could also use a rotisserie chicken. This is comfort food at its finest.

3. Kale and Chicken Egg Rolls with Ginger Soy Dip - This recipe calls for ground chicken meat but instead, I used more of the roasted chicken meat and shredded it finely. This uses kale and carrots for a fresher take on egg rolls.

4. Shredded Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad with Lemon Dressing – This was a really tasty healthy side dish. I love the lemony dressing. This recipe also uses the brussels sprouts and kale that were used in the other recipes.

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  1. Erin says:

    I know so many Southerners so I’ve had that chicken poppy-seed dish countless times. It is so fatty but so incredible.

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