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A couple of weeks ago, Ross and I hosted the second monthly cooking club event with our friends. Since it was the day after Valentine’s Day, we decided to make the theme “love” but with a twist. We went with “Queen of Hearts”. Basically everyone could make a dish or drink based around the idea of love, hearts, or royalty.

We kept the decorations simple, using red polka dot napkins, a menagerie of plates that we owned and some white flowers (recycled from a previous arrangement). We listened to some royal themed tunes, starting with The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack. We brought out two white tables from our office and lined them up with our dining table to create banquet-style seating. Thankfully, guests brought a few extra chairs to accommodate 12 of us total.

We decided to make ravioli, which was a bit of an undertaking but really fun. Using a homemade pasta dough, we originally planned to make the pasta heart shaped. After spending about 10 minutes on each one, we quickly discarded that idea and instead found this method to make square raviolis. It made all the difference in saving time and energy! We stuffed the ravioli with a ricotta, lemon, basil filling (based on this) and topped it with roasted cherry tomatoes and a sun-dried tomato pesto using this (one of my favorite recipes).

We served champagne over sugar cubes soaked in bitters – so pretty! We also made a gingery pink drink we titled the “Ann Boleyn.” Stayed tuned for the cocktail recipe on the blog soon!

Other dishes included: heart of palm salad, “bleeding heart” baked brie, english hand pies, and beef heart (for real!). Mandy and Luke made a beautiful frosted¬†rose cake¬†for dessert.¬†It was fun having a theme to base the dishes on and everyone got super creative. I’m looking forward to our next cooking party!

Cooking Club: making ravioliCooking Club: handpiefrosting the cakestacked couple glasses with sugar cubes soaked in hibiscus bitterscooking club rose cake

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  1. Erin says:

    So nice of you not to talk shit about the beef heart flavor … yuck.

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